The Burton Elementary Teachers Association (BETA) is an organization of educational professionals advocating for the rights of its members and working for quality education for all students and the improvement of the teaching profession.

We are part of the Tulare-Kings Service Center Council, CTA, and NEA.

You can find our contract, school calendar, and other district information at the Burton School District website.

 President  Lonnie Eskridge
 Vice-President Fidel Banuelos  SCA-M
 SecretaryHeather Funderburk  OG
 Treasurer Veronica Chavez  SCA-M

Site Reps
Mavelyn Catantoc
 BMS Mariza Serrano
Samantha Gundran
 JMA Cheryl  Ramsey
Samantha Williams
 OG Dana Huffaker
Adrian Guerrero
 SCIABen Cramer
Jennifer Cannella
 SCA-L Maria Mancebo
Jymme Irish
 SCA-M Pilar Orosco
Mari Anguiano
 SCCA Otto Figuero
Jacob Williams
 WRB Hailey Kavern
Elyssa Gregg

Committee Chairs
Membership  Jaclyn Zito
Negotiations / 
 Dwight Vieira
Elections  Janet Clay
Social  Janet Clay
Organizing For Power